The Lucy-x-Chano Ethos:
  • Always Bad Ass
  • Never Apologetic
  • Pure AniMauX

Always Bad Ass: Being bad ass isn't about physical toughness.  It's about living by conviction; pick your line through the Peloton by moral compass; use your strengths, physical and mental, for good and never cause harm or inflict injury. Our cycling heroes become legends because they live by the toughness of their minds, and when you live by that creed, no one defeats you.

Never Apologetic: When you live by a creed and adhere to conviction, you follow a set of rules; you don't act capriciously.  When you live by conviction you will never find yourself in a position that requires apology.

Pure AniMaux:  (  We are each an animal, a human animal, one among all the others that populate this sphere in space we share to our mutual benefit.  When we live our lives with that respect we live Pure AniMauX and we co-exist with the rest of nature in minimal conflict. Let's embrace the spirit of AniMauX as it will be our salvation if we want to live into eternity on this planet earth, otherwise we shall surely perish.